bacon & ribbons

Interdisciplinary Project | magazine | 2018
Supervised by Torsten Goffin & Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt
Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf

distribution of disciplines: photography: 40% | editorial: 40% | writing: 10% | research: 10%

"Speck & Rippchen" roughtly translates to "bacon & ribbons". It is about eating behavior disorders and similar diseases. Often, they are related to trauma, psychologic illnesses or even to unhealthy stereotypes in today's society. The theme was inspired by reading "Meat Market" by Laurie Penny. For the magazine, I combined official texts, written by Nicole Schuster with my own research and knowledge. I took the main images with an amazing team of friends who offered to be models for the day. The magazine was printed by sedruck in Leipzig.

baconandribbons baconandribbons baconandribbons