Hülle & Fülle

Bachelor Thesis | design component | 2021
supervised by Prof. Mareike Foecking
& Prof. Laurent Lacour
Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf

distribution of disciplines: research: 28% | editorial: 24% | photography: 24% | writing: 24%

"Hülle" is a German word for the outside / a wrapping. Whereas "Fülle" means the inside / the filling. In combination those two words are a saying for abundance. What is identity and how is it expressed through the body, with clothes and in one‘s own room, as well as the cities that we choose to live in? Since most of us in Germany and especially in Düsseldorf live in abundance; could it be possible to even buy identity? For this bachelor project I artistically researched these questions by reading, talking to peers, doing interviews, and by taking photos. The book is divided into five chapters: Prologue, Body, Clothes, Space and Epilogue. It was printed by 'Das Druckhaus' and stitched by the bookbinder 'Plum' in Düsseldorf.