Mutatis Mutandis

collaborative project | selfbound-book | 2023
designed together with Janya Markevich
author and curator: Clément Beraud

distribution of disciplines: editorial: 100%

'Mutatis Mutandis' is a work by Clément Beraud. In this publication, he curates artworks that examine a sense of home in particular landscapes. This publication features work from Ahmed Al-Nawas, Sasha Huber, Outi Pieski, Baran Caginli, Pia Sirén, Nayab Ikram, Jaakko Ruuska, and Lois Armas. Janya and I decided to create a designer version of the publication, where the pages have been folded both vertically and horizontally before folding. We stitched and glued this book by hand in Aalto's Printmaking Workshop with advice from the workshop master.