independent photography and course project
selfbound-book | 2023
Teacher: Päivi Helander
Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture

distribution of disciplines: photography: 48% | editorial: 28% | writing: 14% | research: 10%

Arriving can be difficult. It takes time to calm down and find comfort in stillness. Of course, sometimes I miss my family. The landscape in Finland though, made it easy for me to find stillness and peace in Espoo. I was born in January in a German city and since then, I suppose, have always loved snow. The first snowflakes in the beginning of the winter let everyone appreciate and feel their magic. In Germany, snowfall became quite rare, the climate is changing. In Finland, there is plenty of snow. To me, it feels like magical — soft — glitter, flying in the sky. It’s refreshing and cleansing. Meanwhile, the joy about a shining sun rises. It will warm up our cold noses, eventually — even in winter. Fascinated by the surrounding nature, I take my polaroid camera with me when I sense that the scene will be filled with nature’s beauty. Directly getting a tangible print will automatically capture a truthful image which contains the spirit of the moment. The polaroid has been printed at that very moment, without any editing. In this book, the polaroids are scanned — in order to share them and inspire through all captured colors and shapes. Looking through this book will hopefully take one to a moment of peace, comfort and stillness. A little reminder of the beauty in this world, a reminder to go outside and look for nature’s most powerful kindness — peace and time to be.